Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our Store!

Hi Everyone.

We hope that you are all having a fantastic day! We just wanted to let you know that YOUR WIZ KID STORE is now open. Get your novelty items! You will not find this anywhere else. Each style has been created by one of our staff members. We hope you all enjoy and feel free to leave us comments.

We also want to say thank you to everyone who has been participating in our newsletter games. We have been getting a lot of entries for the prizes! Sign up and maybe you will be our next winner.

Have a wonderful rest of the day! Don't forget to follow us on twitter for daily interesting facts.

~Your Wiz Kid Staff

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

May is almost here!!

Yep its 2 days away til May 1st! Our newsletter will be sent out on Friday May 1st. So go and sign up for your free copy. You have a chance to win a prize! Who wouldn't want a free prize!! I know I would. =)
There is also big announcements within the newsletter that we would love to share but our newsletter readers get first dibs. Sorry guys and girls. See another reason to be part of our list! We hope you are all having a wonderful day. Feel free to visit our site as many times as you want!

~The Wiz Kid Staff

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

May Newsletter

Hello fellow bloggers,

We hope you are all having a magnificent day. Our staff is in the process of getting together the May Newsletter. If you have not registered for it yet please take a moment to register at:

We have a game section were you will be able to win prizes, and lots of great information. It is free to register, and you will have inside scoop as to what is going on.

Other than that we have a lot of big surprises that we can't say yet. Newsletter followers will get a first hand look and then everyone else will get to know. So if you are intrigued go ahead and sign up! =)

Have a splendid rest of the day!
~ Your Wiz Kid Staff

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Hello Everyone!

We hope you are all having an absolute wonderful day. Happy Aprils Fool's Day! =) Hope you haven't received too many pranks.

We just finished sending out our April Newsletter. It has been a long couple of days but that just means we can relax for a little bit. If you are interested in the newsletter go ahead visit our site and fill out your information under the Newsletter tab.

~Your Wiz Kid Staff

Friday, March 27, 2009

It's about that time again. is getting another face lift! Be prepared we are coming out strong with many new ideas. If you haven't asked your question go ahead and ask us. Also become a part of our free Friend of The Month link. Starting April we will be showcasing people's websites for a month for Free! That's right FOR FREE!! So send us your website/blog and see if you are selected. We are already booked for the next couple of months. So send it to:

~Your Wiz Kid Staff

Have a Fantastic Weekend!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Continue of the earlier post!

I wanted to go into a little more detail as to what it is we are offering.

Realize that we are giving you your own page on our website. Just send us your website at:

If chosen:

We will take a screen shot of your homepage and have it displayed on our website.

If you have any testimonial's, video's, audio's and banner's we will put all of this on our website for a whole month.

Want to change or add new information through out the month (regarding discounts and products)? No problem, we will be glad to do it.

We have already received tons of your websites and are currently going through them to choose the very first one.

It will be seen by thousands of people across the world. Don't worry if we don't choose yours this month. We will keep your info and contact you for the available month. We are going to lock in the rest of the year with your websites so you will get an email from us letting you know which month you will be in.

~The Wiz Kid Staff


Good morning readers,

We first want to send out a BIG THANK YOU for everyone who has been supporting us by sending questions, reading our blog, and following us on twitter. We are extremely grateful and with that we want to give you some insight as to our new idea. Today we are going to start searching for individuals who would like to promote their website or blog on our page for FREE. We are going to pick someone each month it will be called Friend of the Month. You will have your own page. We will send you a questionnaire and look at your site and make up a nice write up. If you are interested please send us an email at: Send it quick as we are starting to spread the word out today! =)

Have a fantastic day!

~Your Wiz Kid Staff.