Friday, August 29, 2008

Intro and Launch of website


Allow me to introduce myself. I am the Wiz Kid. You might be thinking hmmm does that mean you are a genius...... well no. LOL. I'm just your average person. I got the nickname from my best friend only because I know some cool technological tricks and I have years of useless information. LOL. Anyways this is the start of my new blog. I hope you enjoy it.

We officially launched our website. Yes my best friend gave us the nickname. The idea for a website just came to us. HAHAHA. Take a look if you want. Leave a fun question and see if we can answer it for you. By "we" I mean the yourwizkid staff. We got a couple of questions that were pretty interesting once we get a handful I will blog them. Here is the link: . Also check us out on myspace:

Hope you enjoy it! Have a safe and awesome Labor Day Weekend.

~The Wiz Kid

Special shout out to: Tri Limit Inc, YourWizKid Staff, Cashew -n- Phish and of course UnderwaterTreasurez Inc.

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train of thought said...

It would be good for this post to be made "sticky" so that it greets visitors at the top of the front page. Plugins are available to anchor the position of important/permanent posts. Just thought I'd mention it. Otherwise, great idea for a blog.