Friday, October 17, 2008

Exciting Ideas


The Wiz Kid Staff have been extremely busy with the website. We have come up with some pretty cool ideas. We have had some really fun questions the past month. Some weeks we aren’t sure which to post up as there are some that are just plain AWESOME!! Here is a glance of a couple questions we answered in September:

Week of 9-26-08 Question: What language, still actively used, is spoken by the least amount of people?
We found a couple of websites that show the least spoken languages of the world. Some have only 1 person who speaks these languages. There are 516 languages that are endangered. Of those 516 languages there are 5 sections: Africa, The Americas, Asia, Europe, and The Pacific. Within these sections there are a few that have only 1 person who speaks the language. Here are some that fall into the least spoken category:
It would all depend on who is still alive that would categorize as the least language. These websites we found to be the most reliable:

Week of 9-19-08 Question: What is the incidence rate of Waardenburg syndrome2?

According to these articles the incidence rate of Waaredenburg Syndrome 2 is approximately 1 case per 42,000 individuals.

Each week on Friday we pick a question as our “Question of the Week”. You will be announced if your question is picked by a very special email. =)

We are in the beginning stages of launching our Monthly Newsletters (predicted date is the end of November). The Newsletter is going to be packed with fun games that will include prizes for the winners, we will also be talking about what to expect from in the future, and much, much more…

So you might have been wondering have we ever been stumped…. Well actually we have. LOL. It was a great question from someone but we are still working hard on getting that question answered. These are the types of things we will be discussing in our newsletter. So if you’re really intrigued just go on the site, ask a question and leave the newsletter box checked.

Hope that you have a fabulous weekend!!

~The Wiz Kid Staff

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Angie Atkinson said...

Wow this is a cool idea for a blog! I'm impressed with what you're doing here, great info! :)